You might want to update that schedule

From: Tommy

Comments: Mailbag Guy, you will see if you click on the first schedule in the drop down box on the Condors web site that it is incomplete, showing 25 home games from October through February and only 55 total games. I found the other schedule. You might want to update that schedule also.

Reply: Thank you Tommy. Putting the schedule in takes a long time, and I’ll be honest, after the announcement of our new coach and the end of the workday whistle, the task of posting the schedule was interrupted by The Mailbag Guy’s big weekend plans. Sorry for my momentary lapse of reason… I finished it this morning, so the schedule is now listed in its complete form on the website here.

In the coming weeks we will be working on our promotional schedule as well, and a downloadable version that you can put right on your phone. There is currently a PDF version of the schedule available on the website as well (referred to as the “printable schedule”).

-The Mailbag Guy