There was a lot of interest in last week’s “music that needs to leave the arena” blog. Saw a suggestion to get rid of Rock N Roll All Night by KISS though and while I can respect everyone’s opinion, Condors Team President Matt Riley is the head of the California KISS Fan Club. So that’s staying.

And for what it’s worth, I think the entertainment and fun value of the selections in Condorstown is in the upper echelon around the league.

This is an afternoon blog because I needed to eat lunch and after all, it is my blog and I’ll do what I want.

Now for the blog…

Heard from captain Brad Malone earlier this week. He and the Malone clan are making their way back to Condorstown, before Brad departs for Oilers training camp. Word is he wants custom goal songs for each player. He did not hint to what he might pick. Thoughts on Brad’s choice or if this should become a thing? Let me know!

Also he wanted to note the need for Seth Griffith to be a better fantasy football commissioner*. I hope this doesn’t turn into a Tommy Pham type deal. Friend of the blog, Greg Lowe, is the “upstairs” office commissioner. As long as there’s pizza, I’m there.

*for fun only

What would my goal song be? The Humpty Dance. It’s not even close. You can’t but help but feel good when that comes on no matter who you are.

Hey Holty can we get to some meaningful blog topic yet? Sure. The Condors rounded out their hockey operations staff with three hires. Kris Horn (video coordinator) and Corey Dirks (asst. athletic trainer) join for their first seasons. Travis Lay (strength & conditioning) takes over after being an intern while pursuing his Masters. Good for Trav, good for Bakersfield, and good for the blog too since he’s an avid reader. You can read more on them here.

The team also signed d-man Adam Brubacher to a one-year, two-way AHL/ECHL deal. Another signing that helps fill the funnel. He played part of last season in Abbotsford and part in Fort Wayne. Check out more on him here.

We are 50 days out from AHL Opening Night and 51 days out from the Condors home opener on Oct. 15. I sometimes put notes like this in the blog just to remind myself of how little summer is left. Oh and hey Raph!

You come to the blog for scoops. And food pics. But, mostly scoops. Here’s one: the Condors will wear four specialty jerseys this season (Patriotic, Star Wars, Blackout Cancer, and St. Patrick’s Day). The warmup jersey will be 25th Anniversary themed, based off an old Condors jersey template and you may see that at the end of the season as a jersey off our backs type night. Holty, can we see? Maybe next week.

Speaking of the rapidly approaching season, Monday I’ll join friend of the blog Chad Carpenter at a charity golf event to benefit our friends at the Bakersfield Ronald McDonald House. Just a reminder that I’m always available for charitable golf efforts.

Until next time Condorstown…

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