This is the final Pacific Time Zone blog for the month of June. The blog would feature a different time zone each week for the next three weeks, but Arizona doesn’t recognize turning clocks forward or back, so two time zones will just have to suffice.

You may want the blog to originate from only one time zone, but as I’ll remind you, it’s my blog, and I’ll do what I want.

Now for the blog…

That’s right the AHL Meetings head back to the Grand Canyon State and more specifically, red-hot Phoenix.

While yes there is a lazy river and a golf course, there are actual meetings for various aspects of the business. Many of the presenters this year are from the Arizona Coyotes. It’s always interesting to see how different teams approach things, especially when no two organizations have the same structure/makeup etc.

So the office is closed? No. Regular office hours next week, with the full staff returning on Thursday. Well, except me.

The ECHL league meetings are ongoing in Las Vegas and as part of those, they have their Board of Governors meetings. They announced earlier today that Portland, Maine would join the league beginning in 2018-19. Now, they’re only a Lowell away from bringing back the top four cities from the 2010-11 AHL’s Atlantic Division.

A good look at some Oilers prospects, current Condors, and future Condors in a two-part sit down with Oilers Senior Director of Player Development Rick Carriere. You can read them here and here.

This week’s Condors Player Profile is on the Ryan Hamilton. The captain enters his 12th pro season this fall which is pretty remarkable considering he was undrafted. He’s been working out and around town, so if you see him, say hello.

Thought you said we’d talk Expansion Draft this week? I did. It’s going to be fascinating to see the protected lists on Sunday and then the ensuing days of speculation over who Vegas may pick and/or what trades with teams they have already made. Some teams will have to make some side deals with Vegas (or other teams) in order to protect players they want to keep on their roster. Again, you can try your hand at making the picks here.

So what’s the schedule of events? Sunday is when each team will release their protected list of players. You won’t see names like Darnell Nurse and Connor McDavid on there, because they do not need to be protected. However, familiar names who would have to be protected include Griffin Reinhart, Laurent Brossoit, and Jujhar Khaira. If you don’t see their names on Sunday’s list, there is a chance Vegas could pick one of them. Then, next Wednesday June 21, Vegas will unveil their selections and any trades that were made.

Also next week, teams will unveil their new, in some cases the same, look for the upcoming season. What do the Oilers have up their sleeves? Adidas is taking over the jersey production at the NHL level, but you’ll see the same three jerseys you saw last season in Condorstown.

No player signings? July 1 is when NHL Free Agency opens. That’s your day to commence signing season and players you could potentially see in Bakersfield come September.

Expect an announcement on preseason games in the next week too. There may be another announcement within the next week too, but you’ll just have to file that under #HoltyTease.

Lastly, congrats to an original Condors AHL member Matt Ford who won the Calder Cup with Grand Rapids this week. Believe it or not, he’s the FIRST former Condor (WCHL, ECHL, or AHL) to win the Calder Cup.

Lock of the week? We head to Greater Milwaukee for the US Open. Now my pick leading into the tournament was Jon Rahm and friend of the blog @Joe_Babik was in Vegas to inform me he is 18/1. But he’s now +4 thru his opening 13 holes. Despite that, I’m keeping the faith and sticking with the pick. However, hedge it with Rory McIlroy.

Until next time Condorstown…

Ryan Holt, aka Holty, is the Voice of the Condors and enters his seventh season in 2017-18. It’s supposed to be 120 in Phoenix on Tuesday, so may as well break the record of 122 and say we’re a part of history. Follow him on Twitter @CondorsHolty for more nonsense or shoot him an e-mail to RHolt@bakersfieldcondors.com with questions, comments, or blog ideas.