I hardly ever look at Facebook memories, but since it is “Throwback Thursday,” eight years ago today I was coaching AAU baseball in Marietta, Georgia. People give Bakersfield a bad rap for being hot, and it is during the summer, but try 95 and 100% humid on for size in Georgia during early August.

You may like humidity and you’d be crazy, but as I’ll remind you, it’s my blog and I’ll do what I want.

Now for the blog…

I bring up the memory, because this week’s “Front Office Feature” is on my boss and me. Coming up with five facts about myself that you don’t already know is pretty tough, so I figured I’d share that one. For my professional life, I’ve only worked in hockey, but baseball was the sport I grew up playing and coaching. I even umpired games and wasn’t afraid to ring up a 12-year old.

OK enough about me, you can see the video tomorrow on Condors.TV. We’re in the dog days of summer, but some news to report out of St. Louis has sparked up some August conversation.

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the St. Louis Blues will affiliate with the San Antonio Rampage starting in 2018-19. As AHL President and CEO David Andrews has already stated, the AHL will have 31 teams in 2018-19. If the report is correct, the Colorado Avalanche (in San Antonio currently) would have to find a new home.

One of the interesting quotes I found in that article from Blues owner Tom Stillman is the following:

“We see an AHL team as our R&D (research and development) in hockey, not in business,” Stillman said. “So what we’re after is the development of our prospects and we get that through control of the hockey. We don’t have any great desire to own the team and run the business because No. 1, you’re not going to make a lot (of money) on that, and No. 2, it becomes a big distraction of management’s time at the Blues’ organization. The other part is that buying a team requires directing capital at that rather than directing it toward a competitive NHL team on the ice, improving our arena or investing in many other ways in the Blues’ organization and the Blues’ fan experience.”

Listen, no NHL team is getting rich by owning an AHL team, but the “R&D” philosophy is different than every team in the Pacific Division and at last count, the majority of AHL-NHL relationships. Most want at least some hand (if not all vested interest) in the business side, but I suppose since the Rampage are run by an elite NBA franchise, there is really no concern from a business perspective

As I’ve mentioned, the Condors pool of players (under NHL or AHL contract) is pretty much set. If you need to familiarize yourself, click the player tracker. Below are some 2016-17 Condors who have departed for elsewhere in the last week

Justin Fontaine >> Dinamo Minsk (KHL – RUSSIA)
Scott Allen >> Tucson Roadrunners (AHL contract)
David Musil >> Ocelari Trinec (Czech Republic)
Jaedon Descheneau >> HC Thurgau (Switzerland)

The Ice Cream Social is next Wednesday, August 9 from 5:30 – 7 p.m. in the arena. It’s a great opportunity to pick out seats for this upcoming season as we’ll probably have some exciting promotions announced by then. Plus, did I mention ice cream? I heard scoops with toppings, cookies, and more, but I guess you’ll just have to be there to enjoy

LOCK OF THE WEEK? Well the office is closed tomorrow for a little team building out at Buena Vista Golf Course. Guaranteed whatever team I’m on will be the winner. I’m fixing to go low. Or at least keep it under the temperature.

Until next time Condorstown…

Ryan Holt aka Holty enters his 7th season in Condorstown. His favorite ballplayer growing up was Pudge Rodriguez. Follow him on Twitter @CondorsHolty for more nonsense or shoot him an e-mail to RHOLT@BAKERSFIELDCONDORS.COM  with questions, comments, or blog ideas