Tim.0: I Love the 80’s (Tim’s Blog)

I was asked by a kid not too long ago “Tim…tell me about the ‘80’s”. Needless to say after the shock wore off of feeling like a decrepit old man I really started to think deeply about it. Personally I only got to experience 7 ½ years of this glorious decade so my life lessons were limited. I also was an infant for a good chunk of it so unless I could channel the inner 2 year old Timmy I was really going to have to pull from the late 80’s. This challenge is doable but with the limited space in the blogosphere I’ll stick to a couple things I recall….or 5…..

Number 5….Can we really talk about the 80’s without including the music montage of men playing beach volleyball in jeans? I mean nothing screams elite Navy fighter pilot to me like these guys.

Number 4….How about THIS super innovative toy for kids? Not only was this glowing box a total fire hazard because the actual light inside of it could rival the sun, BUT the greatest joy came when your mom decided to vacuum and you happened to leave those little plastic daggers on the ground. Happy Mothers Day Mom!

Number 3…this guy…. Say what you want about him as an amusement park owner, that dude had moves and made every white kid in the world think they could dance if they could just perfect the moonwalk.

Number 2…You can’t talk about the 80’s without talking about the Germans and their wall. This was a little too political for me to remember exactly but I do remember asking my parents why the people just didn’t climb over it like I did seemingly every day when my ball went over the neighbor’s fence. Oh to think like a kid again….

Number 1…Ok, Ok, I wasn’t alive when this happened but from what I heard it was pretty cool… Humor me though people! Don’t we all tell this story like we were there?

Random Clip of the Week

Took a trip up north last weekend to dive for abalone and was/am amazed at how many people were unaware of this practice. This will give you an idea of what you see while diving in the freezing ocean water.