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It's time to sound off Bakersfield! The Condors' Mailbag, presented by Diamond Technologies, is your opportunity to ask those burning questions about the team, the coaches, the organization -- hey, it's all fair game here. The newest entries to the bag are below.

Where is Andrew Carroll?

From: Rick Comments: What was the condors record before Carroll arrived last season? He’s where now? (Hint) Reply: So I presume your *hint* is that you think the Condors should sign him for 2014-15? When “Pistol” was acquired on Dec. 16, the Condors record was 7-14-0-1. The team did pick up points in 10 of […]

When is the job fair and tryouts for the national anthem?

From: Bill Comments: When is the job fair and tryouts for the national anthem? Reply: The Job Fair and Anthem Tryouts will take place on Tuesday, Sept. 16 from 4 – 7 p.m. We will announce further details shortly, but this is the opportunity to come down and belt out your best rendition of the […]

What ever happened to…..

From: Dylan Comments: I understand that I probably should have asked this question a really long time ago… But what ever happened to the Victoria Salmon Kings and the Phoenix RoadRunners? Reply: Ah, memories… The Road Runners folded several years back and Victoria decided that they would rather have a team in the Western Hockey […]

I want to welcome Coach Houle to town!

From: Tricia Comments: Coach Houle seemed great when he came and met with the fans! I just want to welcome him to town and tell him we all know this season is going to be something to be proud of!! Reply: Awesome, thanks Tricia!! -The Mailbag Guy

How do you say the new coach’s name?

FROM: Cam COMMENTS: OK Mailbag Guy, how do you say the coach’s name? REPLY: Simple – “Houle as in Cool” – the H is silent. It’s a fun name to say. OOOOOOOOOOLL. – The Mailbag Guy

What is the QMJHL?

FROM: Donna COMMENTS: I know I should know this, but it said in the article that the new coach came from the QMJHL … what’s that? REPLY: This is a great question! We anticipated that fans in Condorstown may not know all about “The Q” as it’s referred to in the hockey world. Team President Matthew Riley talks […]

Great hire!!

FROM: Oliver COMMENTS: I just wanted to say that the mailbag guy picked the right coach for the job with JF! Very well done and I’m pumped for the season!!! REPLY: While the Mailbag Guy had absolutely nothing to do with this hire, I agree that it is extremely exciting to have JF on board here in Condorstown. […]

Changes to the regular season schedule?

From: Harry Comments: With the re-alignment of the ECHL Eastern and Western Conferences, will the Regular Season Schedule(s) change? As it is now, the Western Conference’s Midwest Division has 4 teams that do not really play other teams in its’ own Conference. To me that does not seem right or fair. Reply: I hear ya, […]

Future considerations

From: D Comments: Only futures trade announced was Burgdoefer’s rights going to Greenville. Can you run down the rest of the completed future considersations trades? We gave up a couple of good players, Greenham and Kessel for futures. Would be nice to know what we got in return. Reply: Future considerations aren’t always players. When […]

Why no goaltenders on the list?

From: Marcia & Ted Comments: What about Carroll & Leach? Why no goaltenders on the Protected List? Reply: The Condors are not allowed to protect players that technically were not theirs. The goalies – Tyler Bunz, Chet Pickard and Laurent Brossoit – were all contracted players (meaning they were not here because the Condors signed […]

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