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It's time to sound off Bakersfield! The Condors' Mailbag, presented by Diamond Technologies, is your opportunity to ask those burning questions about the team, the coaches, the organization -- hey, it's all fair game here. The newest entries to the bag are below.

How do you say the new coach’s name?

FROM: Cam COMMENTS: OK Mailbag Guy, how do you say the coach’s name? REPLY: Simple – “Houle as in Cool” – the H is silent. It’s a fun name to say. OOOOOOOOOOLL. – The Mailbag Guy

What is the QMJHL?

FROM: Donna COMMENTS: I know I should know this, but it said in the article that the new coach came from the QMJHL … what’s that? REPLY: This is a great question! We anticipated that fans in Condorstown may not know all about “The Q” as it’s referred to in the hockey world. Team President Matthew Riley talks […]

Great hire!!

FROM: Oliver COMMENTS: I just wanted to say that the mailbag guy picked the right coach for the job with JF! Very well done and I’m pumped for the season!!! REPLY: While the Mailbag Guy had absolutely nothing to do with this hire, I agree that it is extremely exciting to have JF on board here in Condorstown. […]

Changes to the regular season schedule?

From: Harry Comments: With the re-alignment of the ECHL Eastern and Western Conferences, will the Regular Season Schedule(s) change? As it is now, the Western Conference’s Midwest Division has 4 teams that do not really play other teams in its’ own Conference. To me that does not seem right or fair. Reply: I hear ya, […]

Future considerations

From: D Comments: Only futures trade announced was Burgdoefer’s rights going to Greenville. Can you run down the rest of the completed future considersations trades? We gave up a couple of good players, Greenham and Kessel for futures. Would be nice to know what we got in return. Reply: Future considerations aren’t always players. When […]

Why no goaltenders on the list?

From: Marcia & Ted Comments: What about Carroll & Leach? Why no goaltenders on the Protected List? Reply: The Condors are not allowed to protect players that technically were not theirs. The goalies – Tyler Bunz, Chet Pickard and Laurent Brossoit – were all contracted players (meaning they were not here because the Condors signed […]

Thank you for the most AMAZING YEAR!!!!

From: Glenna Comments: Thank you for the most AMAZING YEAR!!!! It was such a pleasure to watch this awesome organization bring it this year!!!! I was at Saturday nights game,(and Fridays and Sundays!!!!) and the National Anthem brought me to tears…. and though we lost it was such a great time!!!! God bless each and […]

What a ride this year was!

From: Tommy Comments: Wow! What a ride this year was! It was truly a season of excitement, and I believe there is more of this in store for the future! The Condors showed Condorstown that they could dig deep, and they certainly made us proud of them. Good job guys. Now I just have one […]

Thank you, thank you, thank you…..

From: Cathy Comments: Thank you, thank you, thank you, Condors owners, organization, coaches, players, announcers..this has been an e-ticket ride and the best season ever…cannot WAIT for October!! Reply: You’re welcome, you’re welcome, you’re welcome. Hope your feet find some good seats between now and October. -The Mailbag Guy

I am looking forward to Ocotober!!!!

From: Jennifer Comments: It was a GREAT Ride!!!! Thank you all!!!!  Couch Mann was Awesome and really turned this team around, I am looking forward to Ocotober!!!! Reply: t-minus 142 days, Jennifer…….. -The Mailbag Guy

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