Berets, the “river”, and just needing a friend to watch NASCAR with (Bartl’s Blog)

I’m one of those guys that loves the Olympics. Swimming? Yes, please. Gymnastics? Only in the Olympics. Water Polo?? I’m there. But when I read the team was coming out in berets, well, it prompted the commencement of this week’s blog.

5. It is said that the United States operates with no regard to the rest of the world on the international stage. I’m sure it’s not always true, but I couldn’t help but think about that when reading about the American Olympic team’s clueless decision to wear berets during the opening ceremonies in London. So, let me get this straight: we’re attending the Olympics, in the home of our most favored international partner, wearing the traditional garb of its age-old rivals, the French. Yeah. Great choice, America. Why doesn’t the team wear revolutionary war-themed outfits instead? And oh yeah, they were made in China. It’s not starting out well, America!

4. How does the team look? I think we should be exited with the start Matt O’Dette has on the signing season. To bring back the top two leading scorers this early in the off-season is practically unheard of, and has only happened once since 2007-08. In talking with the media yesterday, O’Dette said that in his opinion, in this league you win with second and third year players. Well the Condors, who were loaded with rookies last season, will fit right into that mold, so it gives great reason for optimism.

3. If there’s going to be water in the Kern River, do it right. A recent story on one of the local TV stations pointed the finger at people’s pools as the primary source of rising mosquito populations in Bakersfield. I’m not buying it. Has anybody driven by the “river” lately? In my opinion, it’s not a river if you can see the muddy end of it soaking into the ground. In its current state, the “river” is little more than a swamp. Bugs like moisture, and mosquitoes need stagnant water to breed. I just hope “mosquitoes” came up on the EIR being tossed around city council chambers  last night. Be careful what you wish for, Bakersfield. If we’re going to have a river, it needs to be FLOWING, not sitting there soaking into the ground just outside city limits.

2. Umm…… okay… The fact that this woman could operate on a daily basis in society without being discovered for her tremendous mental incapacity is a little frightening.

1. Yesterday’s player signings led to a lot of fun. Among the top Condors fan tweeters is Lisa Langley. She tweeted last night: “@BroadcastHolt @BigOdie2 @Condors @KevinBartl You were a crafty bunch today. Probably laughing your pucks off at us 😉 #hockeygodscomplex”. And I replied that yes, indeed, we had fun. There were hints dropped on twitter, a facebook guessing game, and we even put Robby Dee and Scott Enders up on our Pinterest page early, just trying to have some fun with the player signing announcement. I dare say there perhaps has never been a more social-media-interactive day in Condors history than yesterday. We enjoyed it, and hope you did too. The point is, there are a lot of ways to connect with the team, and it’s more fun if you do.


Kevin Bartl is the VP of Communications and part of the broadcast team with the Condors, entering his 10th season in Condorstown. For sometimes sarcastic and often random tweets about society, sports, media and politics, follow him on twitter @KevinBartl.

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