Why not get the roster started so we can follow the team better as it builds?

From: Tommy

Comments: We have already begun signing players to the team for the 2012-2013 season, so why not get the roster, i.e., with the guys photos, stats, and bios started so we can follow the team better as it builds? Thanks

Reply: Tommy, our roster page on the website is actually linked to the ECHL’s roster page, primarily to make it update automatically when we make roster changes, and also provide more information on the players. However, the league roster pages will not be built until training camp… a flaw in our rationale, to be sure.

However, in the meantime there is a PDF linked on there showing last season’s roster, and we will very soon put one up for this season as well. There is also a link on there to our 2012-13 Condors Pinterest page, which features action shots of the players we have already agreed to terms with. This page will continue to build as we add players.

By the way, there are other pics on that site as well, from community appearances, fan pics from our games, Condorstown celebrities and even pics of actual California condors. So you should check it out.

-The Mailbag Guy