Come on you guys….do a little better scheduling job next year

From: Jan

Comments: Every year a group of us look forward to a Las Vegas trip to see the Condors play The Wranglers and support them. Usually there are at least two back to back games, and sometimes even a three game series.

This year the schedule STINKS for a Vegas trip! Its not really worth the trip for a one night stand. Come on you guys….do a little better scheduling job next year for some Vegas games.

Reply: Although The Mailbag Guy doesn’t like to use this phrase, this mailbag has earned it… LOL!!

Sorry we couldn’t give you a multiple game trip to Vegas this season, although it sounds like you are using the Condors merely as an excuse to rip ‘n tear in Sin City… which we will not condone.

However, for future mailbag submissions please note that the Condors do NOT make our own schedule. That would be nice, and I guarantee the schedule would look a lot different, that’s for sure. For instance, we’d probably schedule only one trip to Stockton instead of making us go there five times, which is a fate nobody deserves.

One thing we do have going for us is our participation in the midnight game, which is a unique experience. That’s coming up the night of Dec. 16 if you want to meet us there.

-The Mailbag Guy