It’s time to sound off Bakersfield! The Condors’ Mailbag, presented by Diamond Technologies, is your opportunity to ask those burning questions about the team, the coaches, the organization — hey, it’s all fair game here. The newest entries to the bag are below.

Who is the Condors rival this season?

Dylan, We don't really like anyone. Why don't you tell us who YOU think is our biggest rival!

Okay… isn’t it a bit much to charge $5 for season ticket holders (who pay a decent chunk of change) to wish a family member Happy Birthday? I love to have it up on the big screen, but not to have to pay for it on top of our ticket fees. DISLIKE!

Thanks for the mailbag Penni. Because of the shear number of birthday announcements and the limited time we have to squeeze them into the game, we had to start enforcing the $5 fee. This helps legitimize each announcement and ensures we're able to get them all in during game play. Though complementary birthday announcements aren't one of the benefits, our Season Ticket Holders have some of the best benefits in the league!

Where is Eric Regan playing at these days? And second of all what happened to our Condors in that pre season game at home. I’m really hoping they don’t continue to play like that and it was only a pre season thing. Us fans want a Championship.

Eric Regan is under contract to the Anaheim Ducks, and attended training camp in Syracuse with their AHL team, prior to being assigned to the Elmira Jackals, their ECHL affiliate. As for the preseason game, just remember that it's in the middle of training camp, and for the most part players are playing to try to earn roster spots. Guys were getting opportunities to play different roles than they normally would and haven't had much time together as lines, and some eventually may not make the team. So we wouldn't put too much stock in Saturday's results, just like we wouldn't put too much emphasis on how good they looked in Vegas two nights earlier, when the Condors picked up a 5-2 win. Neither game is overly indicative of what kind of team we ultimately will have.

Quick question, why is it I see Stockton with 4 preseason games and the CONDORS with only 2. Not only Stockton but several teams. Thanks.

There is no ECHL league-wide standard on the number of preseason games in which a team must participate. Different coaches and teams have different philosophies on how many games are needed to get ready for the season. Certain teams, like the Condors, feel that two games are an appropriate amount. Other teams like to play more. That is what accounts for the different number of games played.

I’m not seeing a broadcast available for tonight’s preseason game. Am I missing something?? Thanks.

We're glad that you enjoy tuning into our games. There will be a broadcast tonight on America One, formerly known as B2 Networks. Fox Sports Radio 970 AM will picking up the broadcast on Opening Night, Oct. 16, but will not be carrying the game tonight. Once the season starts, all of our games will be on America One as well as on your smartphone by downloading the iheartradio app. They are also available on Games will be aired on Fox Sports Radio 970 AM as well.

Any hope that Maxime Macenauer or John de Gray might be coming back?

Thanks for keeping up with some of our favorite Condors. Maxime Macenauer and John de Gray were both under contract with the Anaheim Ducks. Since the Condors are now affiliated with the Minnesota Wild, players under Ducks contracts will skate with the Ducks' new affiliates in Elmira (ECHL) and Syracuse (AHL). Macenauer is slated to start the year in Syracuse, while de Gray will play for Elmira.

Will the Thurs., Oct. 7, pre-season game in LV be broadcast on the radio?

No, it will not. Saturday's game will not be on the radio, either, however it will be an internet broadcast on America One (formerly B2 Networks... instead of B2 we'll call them A1!). We are expecting that A1 is set up for broadcast on that game tonight, but that would depend on whether or not Vegas has someone doing the broadcast. We will be sending out a game recap tonight after the game. Also, please make note of our broadcast switch to Fox Sports 970 AM. Every regular season and playoff game will be carried on and also 55 regular season games will be carried over the airwaves at 970 AM, with the only conflict being the Lakers. We will be posting the complete list of games that can be heard over the airwaves on our broadcast page in the coming days.

Has kyle Calder signed with the Condors.Oct 5 transactions shows him signing

Kyle Calder has indeed signed a contract. He has been in search of a team this season (at a level higher than the ECHL) and has been skating here locally, but over the last few days decided to join up with the Condors and hit the ice. We're not sure how long he will stick around with us, but we like Kyle and enjoy having him around, that's for sure!