It’s time to sound off Bakersfield! The Condors’ Mailbag, presented by Diamond Technologies, is your opportunity to ask those burning questions about the team, the coaches, the organization — hey, it’s all fair game here. The newest entries to the bag are below.

I went to the Bakersfield Ice Sports Center to watch practice on Monday. I was very upset that the team was not skating there. I thought the release said they would be.

Last weekend, is when it was determined that the ice was ready at Rabobank Arena. Our preference is to skate there whenever possible. Click here for the release which was updated over the weekend. Sorry about the confusion. Also please note that the schedule is subject to change.

I saw that Goulet was released by the Moose. Any word when he will be in Condorstown??? I’ll go get him from the airport if you need me to.

Well he has since been released from camp in Manitoba, making him available. The Condors do hold his rights in the ECHL, but with a full roster here already and potentially more coming from Minnesota (via their AHL team in Houston), how the roster will finally shape up is still a bit of a mystery. We'll see how Stephane fits into the Condors plans, as well as how the Condors may fit into Mr. Goulet's plans.

From Brian: When can we expect to hear about the players the Wild are sending us. Thanks GO CONDORS!!!!!

That's hard to say, Brian, and is always a question mark heading into training camp. Those players are battling for positions right now in Minnesota and with their AHL affiliate in Houston, who just opened their training camp today. Typically, like ECHL teams, AHL teams start making cuts after their preseason games (the Aeros play preseason games this weekend), but that isn't set in stone. If you'll recall, last season we received players from Anaheim right up until Opening Night. So keep your eyes on player transactions for the Wild and Aeros for any clues as to who may be coming. You can also keep checking the "Affiliate News" section on the front page of for more info on what's happening in NHL and AHL training camps.

From Tom: Any more non-affiliated players coming to Condorstown? Current roster seems a bit thin. Thanks.

We can't say, Tom. But you might want to stay tuned to the website in the next 24-48 hours...By the way, you could sign up to receive Condors e-news blasts, follow the team's Twitter feed or on facebook as well - that's your best bet on finding out up-to-date Condors info.

From Guy: Will SMG charge a parking fee again like last year for the Open House? I know the organization has no control over it but I was sort of surprised they felt the need to charge for parking at an event advertised as free last year.

Yes! Parking will be free at the Open House this year. Unfortunately, last year there was an event at Rabobank Arena coinciding with the Open House which necessitated charging for parking. However, that is not the case this year. We can't wait to see you out at the Open House on Oct. 2!

From Ron: I noticed there was not a “slogan” contest this year. Have you already chosen one?

Actually, we don't have a specific slogan this season. Pretty much All-Star, all the time this season in Condorstown, and our marketing and focus will be largely centered around this theme.

From Mark: Just read about the all-star game and its format and I personally don’t like it. Why not just have East VS West and if you really want to add excitement to an otherwise meaningless game,follow Major League Baseballs example and give the winning side home ice advantage in the Kelly Cup finals. I think that would give both sides more motivation to play at the level that is usually expected of an all-star.

To each his own. Whenever you make changes to tradition, there are going to be plenty of folks resistant to the change or that don't like it. We feel the positives are too many to ignore. Unlike the major leagues, our games aren't televised on major networks. Fans know most of the players in the major league all-star game. That's typically not the case at our level. Certainly there will be fans who follow the Condors closely that will be familiar with players from opposing teams, but for the casual fan, they are just going to know who the Condors players are. So if they're going to come, why not give them the opportunity to cheer for their hometown team, instead of just a few players? There are plenty of people that don't like the major league baseball rule you cite, so either way, it's not going to please everyone. But we're looking forward to a great All-Star Classic, and displaying an event that Bakersfield can be proud of. Hope to see you there!

From T: I know the season is still 31 long days away, but when do they start laying down the Ice? That’s when I really start feeling like the games are just around the corner. Also, will you be posting video of the ice going down?

We're glad you're excited, and we can't wait either! The terrific ice staff at Rabobank Arena will lay down the ice on September 23, and training camp will begin October 1. There will be video up on Condors.TV so you can see what goes into getting the ice ready for another exciting season of Condors hockey. Hang in there, the season is right around the corner!