The Condors are Opening Up a Pizza Joint

The Condors are doing more than just playing hockey at Rabobank Arena. Plans are underway for the players to open up and run their own pizza shop in the off-season right next to the rink. They want to help make a few bucks and serve broadcaster Kevin Bartl’s ever insatiable desire for the doughy, saucy, and cheesy creation of delectable goodness.

It’s going to take hard work, but the team thinks they can pull it off. They’ll have the managing abilities of Tyler Helfrich, who earned a bachelor’s degree in the field. When it comes down to handling the money, Erik Burgdoerfer can be in charge of that since his forte is finance.

But, as anyone will tell you, it comes down to the pizza. If this pizza shop is going to be successful, the team is going to have to put out some delicious pies. They have some ideas about what their specialties will be.

Keith Wynn and Scott Freeman are going to team up to deliver one of the Condors staple pies: The Hawaiian. They both enjoy pineapples and ham on their pizzas combined with their secret ingredients to make it one of the best in town.

Another specialty pizza the guys have come up with that we think you’ll like is the Bakersfield Barbeque Chicken Pizza. It’s served up by Matt Keetley who has become quite the chef in the kitchen. He churns out pizzas just like he churns out saves on a nightly basis.

When you have a Twitter name like GimboSlicce, you must be able to make a good pizza and that’s exactly the case with Jesse Gimblett. He likes it simple, just a plain cheese pizza, but when done the right way, he’s sure it’ll be a hit.

He’s not doing it without some help though. Joe Loprieno and Peter Boyd are in the back making cheese masterpieces. With Joe hailing from Chicago, the extra cheese pizzas are sure to be deep dish. Be sure to grab your fork and knife.

Every good pizza place needs a good meat selection. The staff is taking care of that one. For the Meat Lovers Special the team is combining Bryan Pitton and Tyson Gimblett’s love of bacon with rookies Parker Stanfield and Robby Dee’s choice of pepperoni and veteran Hans Benson’s enjoyment of salami to create the ultimate pie. It’s sure to be a mouthful.

And for the vegetarians around Condorstown, Justin Pender has you covered. His pizza will feature  mushrooms with hand-picked banana peppers to form a very nice vegetarian option.

So after the season is done and the guys can get the ovens ordered and the ingredients picked out, make the shop your lunch choice and grab yourself a slice.

(This story was published in the Nightly Notes. Only way to get the Nightly Notes is to come to the game!)