You have taken the fans out of the celebration

From: Jenny

Comments: Not that the song “The Whip” is so bad, rather you have taken the fans out of the celebration after scoring a goal. We used to be a part of the goal as we clinched our fist and helped deliver the “knock out” to the opposing team. Now we just stand there and listen as we wonder why you would ever want to take the fans out of the celebration of a goal. I have found, however, that it is a great time to pick my nose because everyone else is so wrapped up in thought as to why you changed the song, that no one ever notices.

Reply: We have received a lot of feedback on our new goal song. Some good, some bad. Most of the “good” reviewers are just writing in to tell us they like it and it’s unique and fun and that they enjoy the change. Most of the “bad” reviewers have chosen anger as a way of expressing their opinion. It’s been an interesting study.

None of them, however, were as funny as this one, and though it’s a bit gross, I, The Mailbag Guy, think the image of a woman picking her nose during a goal celebration is hysterical.

Seriously, though, just sing along. Or dance. Or you can still clap, it’s just a song with a new rhythm. I think it would be awesome to hear 5,000 people singing along with this song.

-The Mailbag Guy

p.s. before you point to the webpoll as proof that everyone hates the new song, please note that it was about 60%/40% opposed to the change, until folks figured out there was a glitch on it that lets you vote more than once. I guess we’ll have to put a new poll up soon!