…And now my password won’t work

From: Cathy

Comments: I proclaim my dislike for the website’s new look and suddenly today I can’t get in to the Season Ticket Holder’s section..co-inky-dinky??

Reply: Actually, yes, it is a coincidence. We have forwarded your issue to our webmaster. Glad to see you are using the STH section, though.

We’ve had a lot of feedback about the website, not all of it positive of course. We wouldn’t expect that after the site had the same look for five seasons. Naturally some people will be resistant to change. However, the information that was on the old site is all on the new site, and then some… for example, the season ticket holder section that you are referring to was not on the old site – so it can’t ALL be bad, can it?

For five years the old site continued to grow exponentially, and the fact is that it couldn’t handle any more information, and it ceased to be practical to maintain. Content management systems have improved and the old site had limitations. We hope you will get used the new site and find all the info you need, and we’ll get back to you when we find an answer to your password issue.

-The Mailbag Guy