Change is needed!Is it coming? Please say yes.

From: Ryan

Comments: Change is needed! Is it coming? Please say yes. These games are getting ugly.. Does anyone in the office or ownership care? Seems all they care about is promotions and nothing else..

Reply: Yes, changes are coming/are happening… Such as the player signing and the two trades today.

And yes, everyone here cares, don’t be ridiculous. Just because we’re not organizing an Occupy Rabobank Arena protest over our won/loss record, doesn’t mean we’re not concerned about getting back toward the top of the standings. I’m not sure what you expect to see out of the front office, Ryan. It’s not like we’re going to issue press releases about who the coach is trying to trade. When there is news to report, we will do so.

Just know the coaching staff is working to improve the club, and the players continue to work hard in practice and during every game.We look forward to seeing the new guys in the lineup this weekend.

Thanks for the feedback.

-The Mailbag Guy