Congratulations to the Condors!

From: Marlana

Comments: The season may have ended early & not the way the Team and fans may have wanted, but the Condors have nothing to be ashamed of. Exceptional hockey, especially the last few months. Another Conference title, a great Team, Captain, Team, Coach, Staff and fans. I’m so proud of this Team and what they accomplished. I know the Cup is  the ultimate goal, but winning the title again, was so exciting. They worked hard to get there and it was awesome. I can only imagine how it’s going to be when we do win the Kelly Cup. It will come one day and soon. I hope we get to see most of these guys back next season, unless they get called up, which is something we understand. It was great to see Calder here giving his support to the team. What a great guy. That just shows what kind of Team & organization this is for him to want to be here. I hope Ianiero will get his chance to hoist that cup here in Condorstown before he decides to retire, but if he decides not to come back next season, well Andrew, there will be a void. You’ve been a great player & role model. We hope you will stay involved with the organization in some way. To the entire Condors Team: Thanks for a great ride this season!!

Reply: I couldn’t have said it better myself. These guys battled hard, and were a lot of fun to watch. Thanks for your support, and thanks to all the fans who have come out and cheered for the Condors this year!

-The Mailbag Guy