Future considerations

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Comments: Only futures trade announced was Burgdoefer’s rights going to Greenville. Can you run down the rest of the completed future considersations trades? We gave up a couple of good players, Greenham and Kessel for futures. Would be nice to know what we got in return.

Reply: Future considerations aren’t always players. When it is, we report on it. Honestly, sometimes a trade for future considerations ends up being cash, and that amount is not public. Some futures trades end up settling a previous future considerations trade as well. I guess my point is, when there is a player or player’s rights that change hands, we tell people about it. The Kessel deal for futures ended up settling our acquisition of George Hughes.

It’s not only in the ECHL where a futures trade ends up being a little confusing. There have been four occasions in Major League Baseball in which a player was traded back to his previous team as the future considerations of his own trade.

-The Mailbag Guy