Hilarious video on Condors.tv about littering!

From: Justin

Comments: Hilarious video on Condors.tv about littering . Glad to see the office enjoying themselves this summer. When should I expect the next video? Maybe one about not jay walking!

Reply: Thanks, Justin! By the way, that video is our entry on Bright House Networks anti-littering PSA contest. If you’re a Bright House subscriber, go to Bakersfield On Demand, ch. 300, and watch it on your TV instead of online – the PSA with the most views wins! The contest runs in August and September.

As for the jay walking thing, it’s an interesting subject here, since our front office staff parks almost exclusively on O St., north of Truxtun. There is clearly a Do Not Cross sign at that intersection on Truxtun, however, California law states that a crosswalk exists, whether indicated physically or not, at any intersection where two streets meet at a right angle. Which means that we should be able to cross there legally. There is even a walking area put into the Truxtun median. So it’s a bit of a conundrum!

-The Mailbag Guy