Hope to hear of some player signings soon!

From: Charles

Comments: Hope to hear of some player signings soon! 🙂

Reply: You will soon, don’t worry! Here’s the deal: when a player is signed, certain things have to happen.

First, after the coach goes through the entire recruiting process (which could take weeks) and finally has a guy that he wants, they have to agree to a $ figure and then a contract has to physically be sent to them. The ECHL contracts are triplicate in nature, meaning they can’t just sign a PDF or a fax and send it back, it has to be mailed. Then after they receive it, they have to sign it and send it back to us. Then after we receive it, we have to send it to the ECHL office in New Jersey for approval, and THEN, we can announce it.

So, knowing all that, you can tell it will take at least a few weeks from when Matt O’Dette took the reins to when we will start announcing some signings. We’re as excited as you to hear some names that will be suiting up in Condorstown this season, so just stay patient – and stay tuned to the Condors website. We will also announce signings on twitter and facebook before sending out press releases and posting stories to the website, so follow along!

-The Mailbag Guy