I just want to thank the organization…

From: Marlana

Comments: I just want to thank the Organization for the awesome opening effects for the Round 3 playoffs.The fireworks, extra spot lights and rally towels just got you pumped up for the game.It was an awesome sight to see the Fans in white and waving the rally towels. The crowds were loud and into it every game, even the ones we lost.I’m not saying all this because I feel the season is over, because I believe it’s not, but I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the extra effort to make the Fans and Team feel so special. I believe we’ll be waving rally towels, seeing fireworks and spotlights again next month. Thank You, thank the great Bakersfield Fans and especially the Team and Coaches for our run so far.”Never give up, every goal matters” and Go Condors!! Bring it back home.

Reply: Thanks, Marlana. We’re keeping the faith!!!

-the Mailbag Guy