I notice the last posting to the Condors Mailbag was 11/6…

From: Tom

Comments: I notice the last posting to the Condors Mailbag was 11/6. I am sure many people write you with a wide variety of comments, some good, some bad. Why don’t you post more comments so the fans can feel like they are contributing and their voice is being heard? I am sure other fans would LOVE to read them as well!

Reply: You might be surprised, Tom. Nowadays, most fans use social media to wax poetic on their thoughts. We used to get 2-3 per day, and then pick the best ones; now it’s easy to choose which go up.

There have been some submissions since then, but the mailbag isn’t really a message board. If someone has a question, or raises a concern which would benefit other fans and can be easily addressed in our Mailbag response, we post it… such as the ice question we posted this morning.

All told, we received one person who swore at us after the Field Trip Day Game loss, one person who loved the intro video, one person who hated the Intro Video AND our goal song (we should have posted both, I suppose) and one person who just asked “Where do we go from here?” (which I assumed was referring to Andy Chiodo and Kyle Haines bolting, but I really wasn’t sure).

There were a bunch more from fans asking about purchasing Abe Lincoln jerseys, and they were all contacted directly, and one fan who asked us to send him a fan pack, whatever that is.

So it’s actually been a little slow on the Mailbag lately, Tom. But thanks for checking up on us.

-The Mailbag Guy