I read the mailbag regarding the intro video…

From: Game Ops Guy

Comments: Hey Mailbag Guy, it’s Game Ops Guy. I read the mailbag regarding the intro video. When the team is in the tunnel they actually do like to poke their head out and watch the video. One guy (who shall remain nameless) likes to sing along.

They all seem to like it, with one player telling a new guy, “hey, watch this video, it’s pretty sick”. You can also hear that song blaring from the locker room before the game as well.

My song choice for the video was actually overruled, but I’m sure some would of loved it and others would have hated that choice as well.

Go Condors
Game Ops Guy

Reply: Thanks, Game Ops Guy, for your insight from the tunnel – the epicenter of where the magic happens. And you’re right, I did hate your song choice. Don’t you have any work to do? There is a game tonight.

-The Mailbag Guy