I really missed the annual karaoke at Tip-A-Condor

From: Debbie

Comments: I agree that is was a fun event but….I really missed the annual karaoke. I feel that more money would have been raised. We always gave money to hear the guys sing. I would like to see it back at the arena next year like it was last year.

Reply: A couple of folks have indicated that they were disappointed that we didn’t have karaoke for the players this season, and we can understand that because it was pretty fun. However, I think it’s important to note that while the karaoke was fun, it also was a source of many, many complaints in years past, such as people not being waited on for 40 minutes at a time because their waiter was always having to run up on stage to sing!

And interestingly enough, this season the players collected FIVE TIMES more tips than they did last year, and over $1,000 more than was raised in tips AND karaoke money combined last season as well. So it certainly appears that the fans very much enjoyed having their waiter for much of the night. If we decide to go back to the karaoke next season, we’ll let everybody know. Thanks for the feedback, Debbie!

-The Mailbag Guy