I received a call from Condors player Francis Meilleur…

From: Marlana

Comments: No question,just a comment. I received a call from Condors player Francis Meilleur thanking me for my support and wishing me a Happy New Year. Unfortunately I missed the call, but he left the message and I really appreciated it. I know they’re struggling right now,but there are a lot of things contributing to that with the NHL lockout. Bottom line, they’re our Team and I’d gladly support them win or lose. I feel it’s a privilege to have a pro hockey team here & it would be great to see more fans out to the games to cheer them on.

I remember when Stockton didn’t have a team and friends from that area would tell me how lucky we were to have a team here. Once they got a team, the fans have been there cheering them on in good times and bad. Bakersfield we know we don’t like to see Stockton beat us at ANYTHING, and that includes attendance,so let’s come out in full force this weekend,loud and strong, cheering the team on. They need our support!! Go Condors!

Reply: Sorry you missed his call, Marlana. A whole bunch of the guys were making calls this week, and they tried to call as many folks as they could. The Mailbag Guy lost the use of his desk for an hour because there were Condors all throughout the office, busting out phone calls yesterday!

They appreciate the support and are we’re all optimistic about the second half of the season. Thanks for having our back Marlana!!

-The Mailbag Guy