Affiliation question

From: Glen

Comments: I see that the Areos and the wild no longer appear at the bottom of the Condor’s home page. Does this mean we have no affiliation with them this year  Thanks, Glen Werling

Reply: We’ve gotten a bunch of emails from fans on this. We are still in communication with a few AHL/NHL organizations regarding affiliation for the upcoming season but in all honesty we very well may be independent.

We actually feel really good about this, as some things have changed on the affiliation landscape the last year or so, so you may see more teams in our league going the independent route.  Being independent, there is still a good possibility of guys being sent or assigned to us from the AHL, and since we wouldn’t be aligned with a specific team, we can pick and choose who we take, and don’t have to take a player that might not fit with our roster makeup.

In addition, in some instances, a player may prefer signing with an independent team, as they’re more assured their playing time will be determined by how they perform, opposing to who a higher club wants to see on the ice.

– Condors President Matthew Riley