I thought the Charlie Sheen Night promo was just the greatest!!

From: Roy

Comments: I thought the Charlie Sheen Night Promo was just the greatest!!  When I read about it I called my wife at her office and she passed it on to the staff.  This was the topic of conversation at our church coffee time yesterday.  While I feel bad for anyone in his condition, there is also some humor to be found there as well…especially when he goes out of his way to act like a complete @$#!

We live about 10 minutes from the Pittsburgh Penguins Arena. However, we prefer to drive the 50 miles to Wheeling and watch the Nailers play.

ECHL hockey is most enjoyable, and promotions such as yours make it even more so.

Thanks for a great laugh.

Reply: Thanks for not taking us too seriously, Roy! If you ever make your way to Condorstown, let us know and we’ll leave you a ticket. 🙂

-The Mailbag Guy