I was wondering if I could use the Never-A-Wasted-Ticket program for the All-Star Classic

From: Chris

Comments: As a season ticket holder, I was wondering if I could use the never a wasted ticket program for the All*Star Classic? It is a Wednesday and I would like to take some friends. Just wondering.

Second question: When are you going to wash Colonel Claw’d? He needs a bath; maybe a good new year present? As always, Go Condors!!!

Reply: Chris, the All-Star Classic is not eligible for the Never-A-Wasted-Ticket program, since technically it is not a Condors home game but a league event. Great seats are still available, however, and tickets are on sale. So if you would like additional tickets you should probably get them sooner rather than later to make sure your friends can sit close by.

And as for the Colonel, I assure you, he bathes regularly – however it’s quite a process, being such a big bird and all…

-The Mailbag Guy