is it true the condors still have a chance at making the playoffs?

From: RB

Comments: is it true the condors still have a chance at making the playoffs? if so how is that possible?

Reply: Of course it’s true! There is plenty of hockey left to play. Not sure if you’re being sarcastic or not, RB, but I’ll break it down for you. Playoff qualification is all about the math.

There’s so much hockey left to be played that technically… and I mean mathematically speaking… the Condors could still win the Pacific Division. Bakersfield has 21 games left, after thumping the Aces Friday night. With two points in the standings to be gained with each victory, that means the Condors could theoretically gain 42 more points in the standings. They have 33 right now, so that means the most points they can finish with is 75 points.

Since the Aces, who are in first place in the Western Conference, have 73 points right now, even they haven’t mathematically clinched a playoff spot. Because if they lost every single game the rest of the season, and the Condors won all of theirs, Bakersfield would pass them in the standings. While that’s unrealistic, obviously, it is still mathematically possible.

More realistically, the Utah Grizzlies are directly in front of Bakersfield and they have 49 points, and their 16-point lead could be whittled away over the last month and a half. So even the 7th place team has quite a way to go to effectively eliminate the Condors from the playoffs. Also consider that the Condors will host the Grizzlies five times still this season. That’s 10 points on the line right there, out of the 16 they need to catch them.

-The Mailbag Guy