Lighting and graphics

From: Justin

Comments: We noticed that the old lighting (strobe and motion lights) were removed from below the scoreboard and not replaced a couple months ago. Are they going to be upgrading these?

In the mean time can we staff more spot lights in the rafters to add more effect to the beginning of the game.

Also, why doesn’t the arena display an animated graphic saying “Condors Win” or similar, on the electronic sign banner like most sports teams. Make it with the Condor silhouette flying around or some logo shots similar to the goal banner.

Reply: The four old cyberlights that were affixed to the scoreboard have been dying slowly over the last few seasons. They finally have gotten to the point where they were not reasonable to repair – both for cost reasons and for availability of parts. Rather than have just one of the lights working and have it look stupid, they were all just shut down. Reports are that the arena is working on a solution for replacing that lighting for next season, and funding has been requested and we will have to wait and see.

That’s a good suggestion on added graphics for the LED wrap. We have plans to change up the graphics for next season and will put these on the list of ideas for the off-season.

Thanks Justin!

-The Mailbag Guy