From: Jose

Comments: I was banned from the condors facebook page like two weeks for a comment i made, im really sorry for it, i truly regret it, can you guys please unblocked me, i love hockey and the condors, thank you.

Reply: Jose, this is a great chance for us to remind the fans of our only real rule on our Facebook page. Because if you spend 10 seconds on our page you will notice two things:

1) We do not censor negative or critical comments from our fans, and
2) Our Facebook page is frequented by fans of all ages

So this is simple: we have zero tolerance for vulgarity on our page. There is no three strikes rule. The Mailbag Guy does not remember what you wrote on the page, but we’ll unblock you. Thanks for the note.

And for everyone else, feel free to be critical, but please choose a more creative demonstration of language.

-The Mailbag Guy