The lunch and skate with the team party was awesome!

From: Tommy

Comments: The lunch and skate with the team party today, Saturday, was awesome!

It was great food, plenty of it, and skating with team was a lot of fun. The guys were all very nice and polite. It was a super good day. Thank you to the Condors organization for putting together a very cool event!

Reply: Thank you, Tommy, for being a season ticket holder. We wanted to reward the folks who renewed early for next season. Obviously it’s a big benefit to our organization to know you are committed to the team for next season, but there are also great and plentiful rewards to the fans for renewing early as well, such as the renewal gifts, the $1 sodas for the remainder of this season, and the $1-a-day merch credit… not to mention the STH skate with the team party last Saturday.

It was great to see all the fans and the players hanging out, skating, eating and having a good time. We’re glad you enjoyed the event!

-The Mailbag Guy