There’s no reason that AI’s jersey shouldn’t be hanging up on the wall

From: Michael

Comments: There is no reason that AI’s Jersey shouldn’t be hanging up on the wall with the likes of Rosebush,Willet,Mears and the rest of the ones on the wall. Whats the mailbag guys take on this?????????????

Reply: Here’s my take: It’s not always right away that a player is honored and we’ve gotten several mailbags about AI’s familiar #9 being worn by Mathew Sisca this season. Certainly a guy who has spent as much time in a Condors sweater and contributed so much to Condorstown on and off the ice is worthy. Whenever and however that might be brought to fruition we’ll have to wait and see.

If you’ll remember Paul Rosebush had been retired for a couple seasons before his number was put up, and I’d like to point out as well that even Paul Willett’s #16 was given out in 2003-04, when it was believed that he wouldn’t be back (before ANY numbers were retired). Vince Malts wore it that season. Willett later returned to the team, and wore #39 for much of that season.

-The Mailbag Guy

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