This is not a question but rather a thank you to Mr. Fleisig…

From: Rich

Comments: This is not a question but rather a thank you to Mr. Fleisig. He came and answered EVERY concern. There was nothing held back. He understands how bad the on ice product is and rather than give excuses he gave tangible facts about how both the rest of the season is going to go and what to expect next season. This was not some pie in the sky statements to get people to renew but rather facts that can bee seen and that he can be called on if they do not occur. After 14 years I was impressed because this was not a meeting of excuses and what will be the next excuse. instead it was of what is happening now, tomorrow and into next season. Thank you for the honesty and thank you for getting down and dirty with the fans. The bottom line is that the Bakersfield Condors are a financially stable organization which cannot be said of many teams back east. In that vein, the organization is going to be essentially risking more money to improve the situation.

It is both a bold move and a gambler’s one at that. In a market that has not recovered taking risks is a gamble which Mr. Fleisig as a stock market trader knows all too well. I commend him publicly for doing that here some 3000 miles from his comfort zone of NYC. My only question is where is my renewal???

Reply: We’re glad you and so many other season ticket holders came out, Rich. The full Q&A lasted well into the second period. Many people stayed the whole time and missed much of the game for a chance to have their voices heard. We hope everyone had a chance to speak and hopefully learned a little something about the organization and Mr. Fleisig in the process.

I guess now is as good a time as any to say, that The Mailbag Guy (a.k.a. me) was in attendance and heard a lot of misinformation brought up. It was rather shocking to hear some of the questions raised that had no basis in reality, and some of which could be solved with a visit to the website or with a simple call to your ticket rep.

For example, someone strenuously objected to the season ticket holder merchandise discount being taken away. Which is fine, except the only problem is that it hasn’t been taken away! Although the team store has since closed, the STH merch discount is applicable at any merchandise stand on game days, and on non-game days by calling the office and making other arrangements. The discount card was included in the STH books.

That’s just an example, and an honest mistake, we are sure. But we hate the thought of that incorrect information being spread around. That is, after all a great perk that could save you good money. I guess my point is that the owner doesn’t have to be in town for you to voice your concerns. If you have questions or take issue with something, speak up and try to get the answer right away. We’re here for you!

-The Mailbag Guy