Your mistake Mailbag Guy

From: Tommy

Comments: I just wanted to clear something up. I was at the meeting with the owner, Mr. Fleisig, and I thought it was a great get together. I agree that there is a lot of mis information that some folks don’t seem to have a clue on. However, I remember the statement about the 20% discount being taken away. The man, I believe his name was Tony, said that the 20% discount had been taken away for the purchase of jerseys, which is in fact the truth. Look at the coupon that comes with season tickets and it says right on the front in red, “Excludes jerseys.” He said that in the past he had purchased 5 jerseys but had not purchased anymore because of the exclusion. So his statement was in fact, the truth and correct.

Reply: Well, The Mailbag Guy is really embarrassed. Clearly I didn’t hear the comment well enough, and thought he was talking about the entire merch discount, and to be honest, I had forgotten that the discount was pulled back off jerseys. So I apologize, especially to the gentleman who originally asked the question at the event.

We have tried very hard to provide season ticket holders with a great list of complimentary benefits over the years. The list has expanded to now include a full page of items. We are trying, every season, to strike a balance between making it a great deal to be a season ticket holder and us finding a way to meet our bottom line so we can keep the doors open. But as Jonathan said, we will listen to any suggestion and weigh out our options. We will do the same this this summer when making our arrangements for this season – including the merchandise discount.

Thanks for straightening me out.

-The Mailbag Guy