This team still has some fight left in them!!

From: Jonathan

Comments: I wasn’t able to watch the game on Saturday night, but taped the game to watch Sunday morning. I found myself very frustrated watching the calls that were both made and missed. I agreed with what Coach O’Dette said after the game about two different rule books out there.

Despite the incredibly awesome officiating, I was very impressed with the Condors play and response to the situation. I have been waiting to see some fire from the Coach all season as well, and I finally got it. Lately I was finding it a little difficult watching the games as it seemed that opponents were taking liberties with the Condors, like we just didn’t care. Saturday proved that this team still has some fight left in them, and I can’t wait to watch how the rest of the season plays out. Regardless of what happens, shout outs to the 2011-2012 Condors for showing some HEART!!

Reply: Thanks, Jonathan. We’re hoping for a strong finish, and I don’t think anyone can question the work ethic and effort (and now their fight) this season, now it’s time to get that effort to turn into wins.

-The Mailbag Guy