Though we lost Saturday night, the team seemed to have a new attitude.

From: Marlana

Comments: Though we lost Saturday night, the team seemed to have a new attitude. The fights got them & the crowd going, but when they scored the 2nd goal, they seemed to skate with a different level of confidence. They sent a message to the fans and to the league, “though we’re down, we’re not out”!!I believe Saturday was the beginning of a change for this team. When T Gimblett (I believe it was T)took a penalty for retaliating after Kushneriuk was boarded, he let the team know he’s got their backs. He also sent a message that he’s not going to sit back and let his team be pushed around. If you do, you’re going to have to answer to him. That to me is what they call “team building”. If these guys can put forth this kind of effort every time they play, we will see more wins. I felt like Saturday was a turning point.

I know it hurts them when they lose, and with the streak, it has to be hard to stand out there in center ice at the end of a game and raise their sticks, but I also feel like when they do, they’re letting the fans know that we gave our best effort, we will rise above this and we appreciate your support in the process. When they come to center ice, that prompts the fans to clap & cheer, letting know, we’re with you. We’re not giving up on you. I believe this team has the potential for being great. I believe it started Saturday night. Go Condors!!

Reply: We hope you’re right! This team has shown a lot of fight in them, coming back from behind, sticking up for each other, etc… and Saturday’s game, though an overtime loss, was a fun game. We’re hoping for the same type of game against Stockton Friday night. Hope to see you there!

-The Mailbag Guy

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