To the DJ…

From: Ryan

Comments: I just wanted to see if you could play some more pump up music. Some of the music…mostly in the warm ups seems like rave music. Its hard to get pumped up to that music…lol Play some metallica or kick butt music. I think music changes moods sometimes. I know when I work out that I want something that motivates me. But thats just me. 😉

Reply: Ryan, music sure is a subjective thing, isn’t it? Everyone gets pumped up to different music, and the players are no different. I get all crazy whenever I hear this part of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, but someone sitting right next to me might get fired up whenever they hear Air Supply. I even know a girl who gets pumped up when she hears this.

Personally, I can’t stand “Don’t Stop Believing” and yet somehow all of Dodger Stadium has been getting fired up when they’ve played it for the last couple seasons (and the same with Giants fans, who stole it from the Dodgers this past season).

The warm-up music we play was actually provided by the players themselves, so of course we defer to them since they’re the ones most in need of being fired up. It’s interesting to note that the team is 7-1-0-0 at home since we started playing their rave-style music for the warm-up skate!

-The Mailbag Guy