We had a total blast at Tip-A-Condor! However……..

From: Katrina

Comments: Howdy! We had a total blast at Tip a Condor! However when we got to the car, we discovered that my bluetooth earpiece for my cellphone had gone missing. We retraced our steps and backtracked, even went inside Fishlips and looked all around our table, etc. Nowhere to be found. By the time I discovered it was gone, the connection to it on my phone had been broken and that is from distance. If someone out there in Condorstown found it, could you please turn it in to the Condors office? I really cant afford a new one right now and want to be legal when I drive! THANKS!!!

Reply: Well here’s to hoping somebody found it and it didn’t get pulverized by a car! If it’s found, please contact the Condors office and we’ll get it to the young lady.

Glad you had fun otherwise, Katrina!

-The Mailbag Guy