What a bad idea to glorify Charlie Sheen!!

From: Kathy

Comments: Writing to tell you that you just lost us as fans, and anyone else with kids, class, or a sense of right and wrong probably. What a bad idea to glorify this guy!!

Reply: You can’t be awake right now and not be exposed to Charlie Sheen.  We would never condone many of things that Mr. Sheen has done or allegedly done in the past, now, or in the future.

However, we’re a professional minor league hockey team, and just like 99% of the businesses in America right now, battling to survive.  We’re just jumping on a celebrities coat-tails for our 15 minutes of fame.  Connecting the dots beyond that is a real stretch.

Our history of family entertainment and community involvement speaks for itself. For example, that very same night we’re doing a charity jersey auction that will likely raise over $20,000 for a local non-profit (Ronald McDonald House). We’re actually rewarding people with free admission by presenting a clean drug test!  Perhaps families such as yourself can use this as a learning tool for kids, as an example of what is right and wrong.  He is out of a job after all, so there are consequences for peoples actions, even celebrities.

– Matthew Riley, Condors President

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