What is the status of Kyle Calder? Also, about the call-in show…

From: Justin

Comments: What is the status of K. Calder? Second question, since some of us listen to the after game show and don’t want to here ourselves on the radio, can we text message questions to you via the same number the score updates are on or some other number? Could this work out for away games between periods.

Reply: Kyle has accepted an offer to play with a team in the Russian superleague (KHL) for the remainder of their season. As Condors Head Coach Marty Raymond commented in the paper today, it was “an offer he couldn’t refuse.” Marty also did not rule out the possibility of him returning after the Russian season ends, and the regular season ends in mid-February.

In regards to the Goose Loonies Call-In Show, you can phone in at 716-0970 with any questions, we welcome the calls after all home games that air on terrestrial airwaves. The text messaging program we use actually does not work like a regular number, so you can’t text questions in to us in that manner. But if you have a smart phone, we do have an AOL IM address that can be used. It was set up to communicate with other broadcasters and the radio station off the air, but you may send an IM during the call-in show to “condorsradio” if you have that capability.

-The Mailbag Guy