What will it take for us to clinch another division title?

From: Elizabeth

Comments: My name is Elizabeth, I’m 10 years old and the biggest fan of Condors hockey. I want to give a big thank you to Erick Lizon and JM Beaudoin. They are my favorite players and were great to hang out with at Skate with the Condors.

My question is, what will it take for us to clinch another division title. Do we just need to beat Vegas?

Thank you for your time,

Reply: Thanks for the question, Elizabeth. At the beginning of the week things were really complicated in regards to the division title. Now the Condors basically just need to win. If the Condors win both of their remaining games, they will win the division title. If they don’t, it will depend on what happens with Las Vegas and Stockton, who play each other on Friday and Saturday night.

The key thing to remember when looking at the standings… if you notice the “PTS” category – that stands for “Points”… A team gets 2 “points” for a victory, 1 “point” for a shootout or overtime loss, and no “points” at all for a loss in regulation. Keep that in mind and check out this Kelly Cup Playoffs breakdown, as detailed as we can make it!

Or just hope for the best and go to the Kelly Cup Page on BakersfieldCondors.com to find out when we’re playing 🙂

-The Mailbag Guy