Why is Holmberg sitting in the stands?

From: Jack

Comments: We have the leading scorer from the AHL, why is he sitting in the stands?

Reply: Jack, perhaps you have a typo in your question, or perhaps my clarification is as much of an answer as you need…

Mitch Holmberg is NOT the leading scorer from the AHL – the second best hockey league in the known universe behind only the National Hockey League. He won the scoring title of the WHL – the Western Hockey League, which is an amateur league comprised of 16-20 year olds. That being said, the WHL is a great league and his scoring title is an amazing accomplishment. But right now, not that I’m speaking for Head Coach Troy Mann, but this team is playing pretty well and I can imagine he might find it difficult to make any lineup changes at this time.

-The Mailbag Guy