Will we be getting any free food this year? Everyone likes free food!

From: Katrina

Comments: Last season we REALLY missed the coupons from Carl’s Jr. for free food for getting a power play goal during the second period. And I am not up early enough to get breakfast at McDonald’s so how about changing back to McFlurries for goals in the last 2 minutes of the first? Will we be getting ANY free food this year? I am seldom lucky enough to be sitting in the right section for the stuff that only goes to one section for shutout periods, etc., so I count on the ones for everyone in the arena. Well? EVERYONE LIKES FREE FOOD!!! Thanks! & GO CONDORS!!! 🙂

Reply: Have no fear, Katrina. We have several sponsors on board who are looking forward to providing the goods. As far as the actual item to be given away, it really is up to our sponsors to choose the items that they wish to promote, which will provide good value to the fans as well as give them an opportunity to earn your business.

  • Chef’s Choice Noodle Bar will give away free appetizers for a certain section if there is a fight
  • Aviator Casino will give away $10 gift certificates to a section if the Condors score the first goal
  • Hooters Shooter of the Game will give away free appetizers to one section if a select player records a point for that game
  • Carl’s Jr. Power Play will give away a free biscuits and gravy to everyone in attendance if there is a Condors power play goal scored in the second period
  • The Bullshed will give drink specials after each game that the Condors win (or score a goal in the 3rd period)

As of right now, this is who we have providing tastiness to Condorstown fans this season. Plus, pick up your copy of the Nightly Notes at each game and if yours features autographs on the Rusty’s Pizza or Jerry’s Pizza ads, you will receive a certificate for free goodies from them as well.

Is your stomach growling yet??

-The Mailbag Guy

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