Can you explain the point system?

From: Heather

Comments: Hoping you can settle a heated debate at our house. Could you explain the point system please? I thought it was 1 point for a win and so many points per goal?

Reply: Sorry to be the bearer of bad news on this one Heather, but I think others in your house might have it right. It is actually 2 points for a win, and 1 point if you lose in overtime or a shootout. It doesn’t matter when you win, whether it is in regulation, OT, or a shootout, 2 points are always awarded for a win.

The number of goals scored does not have any bearing on the point system in the standings. So if you win 1-0, you get the same number of points as if you win 10-0 or 7-6. As they say, a win is a win, and you always get two points.

To break it down in the Condors case, their record is currently 34-25-2-1. 34 wins at 2 points each is 68 points, plus three OT or shootout losses gives them their current 71 points in the standings.

Hope this settles the debate!

-The Mailbag Guy