Painting the ice

From: Don

Comments: Years ago the season ticket holders or at least fans got to help paint the ice, We are season ticket holders and would like to help do this if we can. Let me know if this activity is still available.

Reply: Don, those were the days! We actually don’t do much painting anymore, and what is done, is done by the Rabobank Arena crew. They lay down the first layer of ice, spray paint the entire surface white, spray a small layer of water on top of that to freeze it in, and then do the same thing with the lines, face off circles, and crease.

Our logos aren’t actually painted on anymore. For those who don’t know, we used to have a stencil that would lay marks down on the ice and then have folks come down and help us manually paint all the logos in. It was fun, but very time consuming. Now, our logos are actually printed on a screen, which is laid down and frozen into the ice to stay in place. A final thick layer of ice is filled in over the entire rink, and that is the layer that continually gets shaved off and rebuilt by the Zamboni.

-The Mailbag Guy