Participants of the Friendship House attended their first game last Friday

From: Lois

Comments: Thank you for the tickets to last Friday’s Condors game! The experience that was provided to the participants of the Friendship House, by allowing them to attend their first hockey game is a memory that they will forever cherish. The Friendship House participants are still talking about the game and even refer to the players as “their Condors”. The excitement on everyone’s face is a look that I will never forget.  Again, thank you to you, Clariant Oil and the Condors for your support of the Friendship House!

Lois Hannible
Program Manager
Community Action Partnership of Kern – Friendship House Community Center

Reply: That is awesome. Thank you for sharing, Lois. And thanks to Ryan Brooks from Clariant, and his wife Holly, for putting together the Goals for Charity program and selecting the Friendship House as their recipient. For every goal the Condors score this season, Clariant will make a $25 donation to the Friendship House. Just for comparison, the Condors scored 222 goals last season, which would equal a donation of over $5,500. Clariant rules!

-The Mailbag Guy