Why no goaltenders on the list?

From: Marcia & Ted

Comments: What about Carroll & Leach? Why no goaltenders on the Protected List?

Reply: The Condors are not allowed to protect players that technically were not theirs. The goalies – Tyler Bunz, Chet Pickard and Laurent Brossoit – were all contracted players (meaning they were not here because the Condors signed them, they were under contract in the AHL or NHL and assigned to the Condors).

The same can be said for Joey Leach (OKC, AHL)  and Andrew Carroll (Hartford, AHL). They weren’t really OUR players so we can’t protect them.

Before you even ask why Erik Burgdoerfer is on the list, since he was under contract to OKC… he ORIGINALLY signed an ECHL contract with the Condors prior to signing his AHL deal. So even though the AHL contract supersedes the ECHL deal, the Condors own his ECHL rights, which allows us to protect him.

Here are the rules:

Teams are allowed to protect as many players as they wish provided the players protected meet the guidelines as defined in the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the ECHL and the Professional Hockey Players’ Association which state that teams shall retain the rights to each player that: 

1. Signed an SPC in 2013-14 with the Member, and has not been traded or released, OR

2. Signed an SPC in 2013-14, and was recalled to the NHL/AHL or IIHF team, and has not been traded or released, OR

3. Had received a Qualifying Offer last summer for the current Season, DID NOT sign an SPC, and has not been traded or released, OR

4. Has been suspended by the Member or League, and has not been traded or released, OR

5. Signed an SPC on or after the first day of the 2013-14 Regular Season, then subsequently signed an NHL/AHL contract, and has not been traded or released, OR

6. Has executed the ECHL Retirement Form, and has not been traded or released.

This isn’t the list you want to be concerned about anyway. The Qualifying Offers are the real “protected list”, and those are due June 30.

-The Mailbag Guy