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Our 6 year-old daughter misses her beloved Condors

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5 Questions (Bartl’s Blog)

There is a lot going on right now… ECHL playoffs, Stanley Cup Playoffs, bin Laden being dumped into the sea and some stupid wedding was held. I’m like a kid with the air rifle in that old arcade game – I’m surrounded by targets of good topics this week. So here are the five biggest […]

Upgrade your seats for Half Off!

The 50% Upgrade Deal has been extended until the end of the week. If you missed the initial deadline, here is your second chance! It’s the last chance to upgrade your seats for 2011-12 season for half the cost. Typically, upgrading costs the difference between the current seat location and the new one. For example, […]

Condors in the Community: Condors to join BC in Health and Wellness Fair

May 2, 2011 This week in Condorstown: Tuesday, May 3 The Condors will be at the Bakersfield College 12th Annual Health and Wellness Fair being held at the Free Speech Area at BC located at 1801 Panorama Dr. from 9 to 11 a.m. Colonel Claw’d will be joining guests who come out to the event […]

I was wondering how the ECHL plans to run the Western Conference next year?

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Tim.0 – Ginger Ale, Bunsen Burners, and Kelly Hrudey’s Mullet (Tim’s Blog)

Hola and welcome to the artist’s blog formally known as Timmy’s Top 10. This summer I’ve migrated to a new format that’s completely original and unlike anything you’ve ever seen before on Comedy Central. So let me introduce you to “Tim.0”. The concept for this was born in 1992 as I sat in front of […]

Condors in the Community: Condors community efforts bring in $330,000 in 2010-11

April 28, 2011 BAKERSFIELD, Calif. – The Bakersfield Condors, official ECHL affiliate of the Minnesota Wild, had another record-setting season in the community in 2010-11. While the Condors were successful on the ice winning their second straight Pacific Division title, off the ice, the organization made just as much of an impact, raising $332,601 in […]

Behind the Mic: Its draft day…great (Bob’s Blog)

The NFL Draft is probably one of the most over-hyped annual television events of the year. Don’t get me wrong, I like football just as much as the next person, but I really dislike pretty much everything that surrounds the draft. Here is a pretty good site to give you an overview of the draft, […]

5 Questions about the off-season (Bartl’s Blog)

Every off-season is full of questions, and while the off-season hasn’t officially started for the entire league yet, these are five things that are jumping around in my head this week. 5. Who is in, who is out (teams)? It comes up every season… which teams are coming back and which teams are not? We […]