The post-game salute

From: Cheryl

Comments: Of course we were a litle bummed about our loss Oct 29th against Vegas,we love them anyway! What really bothered us was after the game our guys didn’t make their circle and raise their sticks.Talking to other fans after the game it made US feel worse and very disappointed in them-come on sportmanship is sportsmanship-don’t take it out on faithfull fans!Never seen this happen before.

Reply: While it might not have been a nice, perfect circle at center ice, the boys most certainly did raise their sticks in salute to the Condorstown faithful. A couple of them even came back out onto the ice to do so.

One thing to remember is that there are only two players on this team this season that know it’s a tradition here – and one of them was in the stands injured on Saturday. So unless you’re used to doing it, it’s probably easy to forget to do. Not every team does it.

So I think we need to keep some perspective on the end-of-game salute. It’s a thanks to the fans for coming out to the game. Win or lose… and certainly after some losses the players would probably much rather duck into the locker room and commiserate. But they don’t. They thank the fans first. And I guarantee you that you were not more disappointed with Saturday’s loss than the actual players.

-The Mailbag Guy

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