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Inside the Condors is back again for 2011-12. Check out ongoing thoughts, comments and observations from the Bakersfield Condors front office members, including President Matthew Riley, Vice President of Communications Kevin Bartl and others during the club's pursuit of the Kelly Cup.

HOLTY’S BLOG: The #HoltyJinx

2015-04-30 HoltysBlog

Lots to get to with the blog today. Since we started our “What you need to know” release, it’s kind of taken the thunder out of the blog. Similar to the way the Thunder were taken out of that place up the 99. But, a lot has transpired over the past couple of days, so […]

HOLTY’S BLOG: Welcome Back


It’s Thursday and it’s the offseason, so you know what that means…Well, OK, maybe you don’t know, but The Blog is back! Every Thursday, or basically whenever I remember to, there will be a new blog put up on the website. We’ll cover all sorts of topics, mostly hockey, and hopefully you’ll either be entertained, […]



Just checking in here Condorstown. In exactly one week’s time we will be joined by roughly 30 players going through testing, filling out paperwork, taking physicals, and meeting with hockey operations personnel. Let’s keep the blog brief. After all, as I’ll remind you … it’s my blog and I’ll do what I want. First off […]


Listen folks. Opening Night is October 17. That may be 36 days away, but subtract 14 for training camp and another 3 for when players arrive and we have 19 days left of “the offseason.” So we don’t have time to get flowery with the blog. Some blogs are long. Some are short. Some make […]

HOLTY’S BLOG: Seinfeld


I love being a Condor. I’d venture to guess that there aren’t many jobs in the entire world more fun than what I get to be a part of in Condorstown. The past 24 hours have been incredible. If you happened to not have internet, television, radio, or pick up a paper here are some national […]


Welcome back Peter Boyd! Well … not quite. The Condors flipped the rights to Joel Broda in exchange for Boyd’s rights. Broda signed an AHL deal earlier this week with South Carolina’s AHL affiliate in Hershey. This does not mean Peter Boyd is back on the roster, since he did not sign a contract with […]

HOLTY’S BLOG Pt. Deux: Murphy

Friends of the blog, I told you yesterday that there would be a second blog this week, so I’m not disappointing. Obviously, I knew later in the day news would come out that Ryan Murphy was headed to Hershey and felt he deserved his own blog. So for the first time in Holty History, there […]


I went and saw The Purge the other day, so why not rhyme that with the title of the blog? (Yeah, I know, I didn’t blog last week. I’m making up for it with TWO blogs this week. Look for another edition tomorrow. #HoltyTeaser) First off, as I’m sure you all have seen, a hockey […]

HOLTY’S BLOG: “Houle as in Cool”

In true @PrezRiles fashion, he announced to the media today that the “Condors have hired J.F. Houle. Pronounced Houle as in cool.” (Full video here) That’s the easiest way to remember who the team selected from dozens of qualified candidates to be the sixth head coach in team history. Last week, I gave you a […]

HOLTY’S BLOG: Signing Players and Coaches

Since I didn’t blog yesterday, which has become known as my designated blog day, I figured I’d hit you with a two-part Holty’s Blog on a Friday. Don’t say I never gave you anything! Apologies in advance to good friend of the blog @GrizzliesVoice, who writes his blog on Fridays. Go read that one too […]