Inside the Condors Blog

Inside the Condors is back again for 2011-12. Check out ongoing thoughts, comments and observations from the Bakersfield Condors front office members, including President Matthew Riley, Vice President of Communications Kevin Bartl and others during the club's pursuit of the Kelly Cup.



I think I’ve mastered the art of the coaching announcement press release. Or at least had enough practice at writing them. The 2015 offseason marks the fourth head coach announcement for Bakersfield professional hockey over the past five summers. When I look back over the past 4+ seasons, there has been plenty of change. In […]

HOLTY’S BLOG: Back from vacation

The #HoltySabbatical has come to an end folks. It was a good run in Boston over the past two weeks and I’m looking forward to getting back for my brother’s wedding in September just before training camp opens up. But until then, there is plenty of work to be done, and plenty that went on […]

Holty’s Blog: Draft Day


The NHL Draft is finally here and for the first time in the 17+ year history of Condorstown, it will directly have an impact on Bakersfield. Will it be immediate? Not likely, but certainly within the next 2-3 years, players selected today will make their way to play in Condorstown whether in Bakersfield or as […]

Holty’s Blog: Things are Heatin’ Up

2015_06_18 Blog

Less than two weeks away from the 4th Annual Holty Sabbatical, but there’s work to be done, so let’s get right to it. Would like to point out first that friend of the blog @KevinBartl was and still is on vacation, apparently returning at some point today. It’s a good thing he has a trusty […]

Holty’s Blog: the demolition


Before we begin the blog today, the “shut down the office week” was great. I didn’t spray the ball around River Lakes too much (only lost two balls and one wasn’t my fault), I hit a few races at Santa Anita (more on that at the bottom), and more importantly everyone got a much needed […]

HOLTY’S BLOG: Another piece of the puzzle

Seeing as how this is the last blog of the month of May, let’s hop on into Holty’s Time Machine and hit the reset button… What has happened over the last five months? By the way there is no blog next week since our office is closed. As I’ll remind you, it’s my blog and I’ll […]

HOLTY’S BLOG: Divisions and Prospects

2015-05-14 HoltysBlog

Just want to begin the blog by noting that of the eight finalists in the NHL and ECHL playoffs, I correctly picked two. TWO. And I went 0/4 in the NHL. So, clearly, I know the game. A lot to get to today and there really is no rhyme or reason for the order of […]

HOLTY’S BLOG – Rivalries and Birthdays

2015-05-07 Blog

In my best Jim Gaffigan voice, “I can’t believe I’m writing a blog on my birthday.” Last year’s birthday was spent “up the 99,” so naturally, this birthday is already off to a better start. It’s true, I’m getting old folks. Friend of the blog @KevinBartl hates most things associated with birthdays, including his own. […]

HOLTY’S BLOG: The #HoltyJinx

2015-04-30 HoltysBlog

Lots to get to with the blog today. Since we started our “What you need to know” release, it’s kind of taken the thunder out of the blog. Similar to the way the Thunder were taken out of that place up the 99. But, a lot has transpired over the past couple of days, so […]

HOLTY’S BLOG: Welcome Back


It’s Thursday and it’s the offseason, so you know what that means…Well, OK, maybe you don’t know, but The Blog is back! Every Thursday, or basically whenever I remember to, there will be a new blog put up on the website. We’ll cover all sorts of topics, mostly hockey, and hopefully you’ll either be entertained, […]